Electrical Panel Installation in Dover

picture of a building in the capitalAs the capital of the first state, the city of Dover has been around for a while. It’s filled with plenty of older homes dating back decades or more.

While many of these houses have all the amenities and utilities expected of a modern dwelling, there are many cases where the main service panel needs to be upgraded.

Pretty much every house is equipped with a fuse or breaker box that controls power flow to various circuits in your home. It’s an important piece of equipment that needs to be inspected and possibly replaced on a regular basis.

If you can’t remember the last time a technician examined your panel and electrical system, then it’s probably time for a circuit panel upgrade evaluation.

Upgrading main panels is no problem for the Conductive Electrical technicians. We handle all kinds of residential and commercial electrical panel replacement, including 200 amp panels and other heavy-duty units that allow you to do more with your home’s electrical pathways.

When do I need a service panel upgrade?

1. In-the-darkFrequent local power losses: If you find yourself flipping breakers to restore power to a room in your home after turning on too many appliances, then you may be in need for an electrical service panel upgrade. Upgrading may not completely solve your problem though, because the capacity of an individual circuit limits the power it can safely provide.

2. Complete power loss: Perhaps one of the most aggravating power problems in your home is a complete loss of power. When your panel breaks or burns out, chances are you’ll lose power throughout the house until you replace it. The panel conducts electricity from the power lines into your home and converts it into a magnitude usable by the circuits running through the walls, so none of the circuits can receive power when it breaks.

3. Current unit damaged: Service panel replacement is often the only safe and acceptable way to proceed when your current unit is damaged. Panels aren’t designed to be rehabilitated or repaired in most cases, so trying to fix it after it receives damage creates a significant hazard.

4. Electrical system expansion: Many older panels weren’t designed with big televisions, computers, powerful appliances and tons of other gadgets in mind. Some service panel upgrades are conducted to allow homeowners to add electricity to a garage or addition, while others allow for certain appliances to run without problems.

How do I upgrade the electrical panel?

picture of the Conductive Electric truckUnless you are a licensed electrician with the expertise and equipment needed to service an electrical panel, then your best bet is to leave the job to licensed technicians like Delaware Electrician contractors. These panels truly are dangerous. They have claimed the lives of people across the country in unfortunate accidents. A small mistake can be a deadly one when you work with electricity.

Please don’t try to install or repair the main panel yourself!

Give us a call and ask us for an estimate. There’s no obligation and you’ll see that our affordable professional services are the right choice.