Conductive Works for Residents of Dover, DE

Conductive Electric is proud to provide electrical contracting services in the state’s capitol city. Our service area extends throughout the state as well, from the beaches along the bay up to I-95 and the Wilmington area.

Our technicians are licensed experts, so you’ll be satisfied with our performance no matter how difficult the task at hand is.

image of someone in the darkWe are prompt and efficient when you are in a bind, because we know that it’s no fun to be stuck without power when your home’s electrical system stops functioning.

You want to use your free time after work to relax while reading a book, watching your favorite show or surfing the web aimlessly, not banging your head into cabinets as you fumble around a pitch black room.

Life is short and busy, so who has time for persistent power outages in their own house?

You need immediate service at a reasonable price. That’s certainly not too much for you to ask for in our opinion. We’ll come right over and install a service panel upgrade or make the other repairs needed to get your life lit up again. Just be careful to not step on the cat’s tail as you look for your cell phone in the dark!

Here’s what Mrs. Richards, one of our Wilmington customers, said after hiring one of our contractors for a job:

“I have been searching for a licensed, talented and reasonable electrician for over 5 months. Sure, there are plenty listed in the web but when you speak with them they won’t all give you the confidence that the job you need done can be done at a reasonable time, an affordable price and do a good job. I needed to get my porch light fixed. I think they took approximately 5 minutes to troubleshoot and repair the problem. That to me is worth every penny and assured me my instincts that conductive electrical contracting was the right choice for the job!”

What We Do

Our contractors specialize in all kinds of electrical repairs. They are expert troubleshooters who narrow down the possible causes of a problem until they find the exact issue.

Then they come up with the best solution to resolve it permanently. We know our way around all kinds of electrical systems, from small residential circuits to massive wiring projects in commercial warehouses.

bigstock_Architecture_Kitchen_2699910We’d love to help you install new appliances and fixtures as well. Give us a call if you need a licensed electrician to set up the wiring for the new addition you’re building or add more lighting fixtures to your renovated living room.

Home generators are another one of our favorite projects, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help putting in a backup system for those unfortunate times when the Dover power grid goes offline.

We know that it’s critical to have a functional generator if you or another resident relies on a machine-assisted apparatus to breathe or if you need an active pump and heater to keep the expensive fish in your salt water aquarium alive.

Mr. DeDonato, another one of our satisfied customers, vocalized his pleasure with our technician’s diverse abilities:

“I have called on Conductive for a number of service calls through the last year and each time he has been prompt, professional and right on mark with his proposals. I will continue to call on Jeff in the future for all my electrical needs whether it be wiring a new addition, a remodel or any type of service call for a home owner or renter.”

Delaware Rules and Regulations

Untitled-1The first thing you need to know is that you should never attempt to perform electrical work, particularly when it involves the main service panel, unless you are a professional electrician registered with the state of Delaware.

You could be breaking the law by laying wiring or doing even simple electrical work without the proper certification.

That’s why we offer the services of courteous, experienced and fully licensed contractors to do the dangerous work for you.

It takes a lot of knowledge, honed skills and specialized tools to install and repair parts of an electrical system. Just leave the job to us and we’ll have it done in no time.

The city of Dover has its own legal code that includes many ordinances regarding the installation and repair of electrical fixtures in both residential and commercial settings.

You can learn more about specific regulations on the Dover government website at

Many electrical jobs require a permit before we can begin work. In order to apply for a permit, you need to find a contractor to sign off on the project before you can complete the application form.

Once you’ve completed the form, send it to the Dover offices with the required fee. Then you have to wait for a few weeks before being approved or denied.

High Voltage Inspection 1 EL515053Once your application for a permit has been approved, you must put it on display at the work site. Once you do this, our technician can begin working on your project.

As licensed professionals, all of our work must meet the standards set by local legal codes. We are accustomed to having our work inspected by city and state officials, so you can rely on us to fill our professional responsibilities at the work site.

Please look around the web for more customer reviews or check out the rest of our website to learn more about the company. Feel free to call us to discuss a potential job, discuss a problem or ask a question about your electrical system. We look forward to working with you!