Service Panel Upgrade in Middletown

Get_Plugged_In_(2868226565)Hair dryers and microwave ovens don’t always get along, especially when your home is in need of a service panel upgrade.

It’s not too difficult to keep power-hungry devices plugged into different circuits to reduce the number of trips you take to the breaker box, but this isn’t a permanent solution to the problem.

If your fuses or breakers are constantly going out, then either the panel or your wiring is unable to handle the load. An electrical service panel upgrade may be the only way around this inconvenience.

Modern homes are filled with gadgets, devices and machines that eat up a lot of electrical energy. Eventually, the main service panel needs to be replaced simply due to wear and tear from the constant demand placed upon it.

This tiny box does a lot more than hold your breaker switches. The main panel channels an incredibly strong current from the power lines outdoors into a form usable by all the outlets and lighting fixtures scattered throughout your home.

Professional Service Panel Upgrades

picture of electricians working inside of a service panelConductive Electric is proud to offer electrical panel replacement and evaluation services in Middletown and the surrounding area in Delaware.

Our local technicians care about each and every customer, so you can depend on them to provide outstanding service when they work on your electrical system.

With years of experience in the field, our electricians can accurately gauge the demands a new panel needs to fill to provide your home with the best service. They can also offer you information and their professional opinion to help you make informed choices when upgrading the main panel.

While 200 amp panels aren’t necessary in every home, many Delaware homeowners choose these more powerful units when they upgrade their electrical panel. These panels support a larger electrical system as well as appliances with advanced power requirements.

When is it time for a circuit panel upgrade?

picture of a service panelIf aren’t sure how old your current panel is or if you think it might be the cause of your electrical problems, then give us a call to schedule an inspection.

If your panel was damaged by fire, flood or physical force, then it’s probably safer to go ahead and replace it even if it appears to be working. With so much electrical energy flowing through it, you don’t want to risk running your home on a compromised panel.

Heavy power demands may be too much for an old panel. If you are moving into a new house and are unsure about the history of the electrical system, a quick inspection is probably a good idea to ensure the panel is up to par.

In any case, Middletown residents have nothing to fear when it’s time to replace their service panel. Conductive Electrical Contracting is a proud member of the local community and we’d love to help solve your electrical problems. Give us a call to discuss your project and to request a free estimate.