Conductive’s Service Area Includes Middletown, DE

image of kitchen with new lightingConductive Electric is Middletown’s top choice when it comes to electrical installations and repairs. We don’t mind bragging a little, because we know that we can make good on our claims to provide the best service possible for Delaware residents.

We are proud of our prompt scheduling, efficient work ethic and courteous customer service. We listen to what you say and work with you to develop the solution that best meets your needs.

As our client Ron described his experience with us in early 2013:

“I was pleasantly pleased with the courteous service that was provided. They looked at what I wanted and discussed ideas about how the best way to approach what I was looking for was….and completed it! Cleaned up and everything!”

We always aim to provide the best work at an affordable rate. We believe that you can’t run a good business unless your customers are happy with what you did.

We want to hear from you again when you need an electrician again in the future, so we strive to leave a great impression.

We know you probably aren’t exactly excited when you are looking for an electrician, because it usually means that something is wrong with your home’s system.

We know that you aren’t too thrilled when you call to schedule emergency repairs, so we do our best to resolve your electrical issues quickly and effectively so that we can hear your sigh of relief at the sight of a job well done.

Mr. Massey, one of our Delaware customers, may have described our services best with the detailed review he wrote in January 2013:


Our Electrical Services

If you want to know exactly what kind of jobs we do, the answer is simple: pretty much everything electrical.

Our licensed technicians have plenty of experience with all kinds of jobs. On one day of the week we might be adding in wiring and install lighting fixtures in a client’s new addition, while the next day could see us setting up a home generator to supply emergency power to a residence during future power outages.

We can also help you select a new main service panel, or “fuse box,” if your current one went bad. While we’d love to be able to fix up your current electrical panel, these boxes aren’t meant to be mended.

Significant damage to the panel means you have to replace it with a new one. While this may seem like a waste if the damage is seemingly simple, upgrading the whole panel is often necessary for maintaining functionality and safety in your home.

With over 30 years worth of experience, we can figure out what the minimum requirements for a new panel will be based on the size of your home and daily power use. We know all about circuit panels, so we’ll answer any questions you have about upgrading before we get started.

Check out our specials for new coupons and offers, you might be able to save even more money on your next service panel installation!

We couldn’t call ourselves electricians if we didn’t handle electrical repair work. We diagnose problematic wiring and fixtures through a process of elimination thanks to decades of experience in the field.

We know switches, plugs, boxes, panels and all the other electrical components in your home like the back of our hands, so you have nothing to worry about once we are on the job.

One of our Delaware clients named Phyllis had a lot of good things to see about our repair work:

Overloaded power strip“I purchased a home where the previous owner had performed electrical work that was totally inappropriate and in some cases actually dangerous. I needed someone to review all the DIY errors the previous owner had made and consult with me on what corrections were needed. Jeff King was exactly the professional electrician I needed to do the job. He patiently explained all the needed corrections, gave me an accurate written estimate, showed up when he said he would and performed the work with outstanding quality. I would definitely recommend Conductive to anyone needing an electrical professional.”

Legal Information and Safety

As our client Phyllis saw firsthand, do-it-yourself electrical repairs are not a good idea. It’s also illegal to install, repair or tamper with electrical fixtures without a license from the state of Delaware. Even small and apparently easy jobs are better left to professionals.

We know how to stay safe while we work with dangerous components that hold strong electrical currents. We also have the appropriate tools with us to do the job correctly.

Short circuitWorking on your electrical system yourself isn’t worth whatever money you would save if any at all. If you shock yourself during the process, you could end up with massive medical bills that cost exponentially more than a new panel would if you survive the ordeal at all.

Electrical work isn’t free of government “red tape.” Installing appliances, replacing fixtures and even repairing certain parts of your system requires a permit from the city of Middletown. We’ve been through the application process plenty of times, so we can answer basic questions and point you in the right direction if you aren’t sure what to do.

Please keep in mind that we are not legal experts and we cannot provide legal advice. Any information we provide is only meant to be used as reference material to aid you in your research.

Contact the Middletown Permits/Inspections Department to clarify questions and issues regarding your project. Download the application form and learn more about the permit application and inspection process on the official city website at