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image of downtown Newark DEProfessional Electrician in Newark DE

Newark is a busy place even when all of the University of Delaware students are out of town during summer and winter break. The city stretches over 9 square miles and is filled with hundreds of businesses as well as thousands of houses and apartments.

Newark residents may have plenty of great options when it comes to food and entertainment, but do you know who to call when you need an electrical contractor near Main Street?

Conductive Electric is here to help with all of Newark’s electrical needs!  

We handle all kinds of projects, so give us a call if you need electrical repairs for a renovated rental property or want to install lighting fixtures to give your home’s interior a new vibe. We can also help you dodge power outages by installing a home generator to keep your electric on even when the city grid is out.

We are proud to include the city of Newark as part of our core service area. As a locally owned and operated company in northern Delaware, we strive to provide excellent electrical services to everyone we work with in our community. We treat all of our customers like our neighbors, because they are.

We value our clients and our reputation. Our work is guaranteed, so we won’t stop until you are satisfied with a job well done.

image of main streetYou’ll find our prices are well worth the skilled and professional assistance. We charge by the project rather than the hour. If something comes up that may increase the cost of the project, we’ll let you know before proceeding.

Our technicians are professionals. We are a licensed business and our electricians have all the certifications needed to perform complex electrical repair in New Castle County. We are comfortable working in homes, businesses and everything in between. No job is too big or small for us!

Saving Money on your Newark, DE Power Bill

Power bills are a drag. Unfortunately, not having electricity is hardly an option if you want to see at night and make use of essential devices like computers, hair dryers and dishwashing machines.

image of money electrician's save youWe want to help you save money without sacrificing the convenience of modern appliances, so here are a few simple tips for reducing your home’s power costs:

  • Cold water for Clothes – Avoid using hot water to clean your clothes. Using room temperature or cool water can save you a few dollars every month. You should also consider hanging blankets and towels out to dry instead of running them through the dryer.
  • Keep it Unplugged – If you aren’t using it, unplug it. Mobile device chargers as well as many appliances continue to draw electrical energy from your outlet even when you aren’t using them. Get into the habit of unplugging them from the wall when they aren’t in use to trim a few bucks from your power bill.
  • Cut the Extra Fridge – Consider eliminating the extra refrigerator or chest freezer if you have one. Each one of these appliances can generate hundreds of dollars in power costs every year.
  • Solar Panels – Install solar panels to power your outdoor lighting fixtures. You can also add a solar panel to your home’s electrical system to aid in heating hot water and to power other devices.

Legal Information in Newark

If you’ve ever done construction or renovation on your home or business, then you are probably familiar with the need for permits. Many electrical projects, including electrical service panel upgrades and wiring installation, require approval from the city government before they can commence.

While Delaware Electrician contractors and customer service representatives are more than happy to answer your questions as best they can, we can’t provide you with legal information regarding your home. We recommend that you consult with a Newark official about what permits you’ll need for a particular project.

You can find more information about Newark’s legal code as well as the permit process on the city’s website at You can download a copy of the permit application directly from the website.

Contacting Conductive

Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you aren’t exactly sure what’s wrong with your electrical system or are looking around for the best price. Our estimates are free and carry no obligation, so you’ve got nothing to lose by calling!

If you don’t know what the problem is, we can schedule a service call to have one of our professional electricians troubleshoot your system and develop a solution. Of course, we try to answer urgent calls as quickly as possible.

If you are having an electrical emergency, we’ll set you up for the earliest appointment possible.