Professional Electrical Services in Pike Creek, DE

image of electrician testing electrical panelPike Creek Electrician

Conductive Electrical Contracting is a local company that has been providing electrical services in Pike Creek and other parts of northern Delaware for years.

We have decade’s worth of experience behind us, so you can count on us to troubleshoot and solve any kind of problem with your home’s wiring or electrical fixtures.

Like much of New Castle County, Pike Creek has a diverse collection of houses, apartments and businesses.

Our contractors are comfortable in residential and commercial environments alike, so conducting electrical repairs in an office or warehouse is no problem for us.

No matter what your needs are, just give us a call with your questions and to get a free estimate! There’s no obligation when you call.

Don’t worry; we won’t pressure you to make a decision on the spot. We do all kinds of installations, including home generators and lighting.

The residents of Pike Creek, DE are our neighbors and friends in the community.

Customer service is a company priority, so we treat every client with respect and courtesy no matter how big or small the project is.

Why use a Professional Electrician?

One of the biggest advantages of using a licensed electrical contractor is safety.

Handling electrical equipment without the proper training and tools can be a deadly mistake. Even if you emerge from the project unscathed, you may not be able to tell if it’s actually done properly.

Electrical fires have caused tragedies for Delaware families in the past, so we don’t want you to turn to an unlicensed “handyman” or attempt the project yourself. That’s why we offer affordable professional repair services throughout northern Delaware.

Legal Information in Pike Creek

bigstock_Architecture_Kitchen_2699910Depending on the danger and difficulty associated with a particular project, you may be required to obtain a permit before work can begin. Renovations and construction projects require several types of permits.

Common projects that require state oversight include service panel upgrades, adding new wiring to a structure and installing fixtures.

Our electricians are licensed contractors with all the necessary certification to operate in the state of Delaware.

We are happy to answer your questions to the best of our ability, but you should consult with a state representative to make sure you are adhering to all the necessary legal codes before starting a project.

You can learn more about the permit process from the Delaware Board of Electrical Examiners’ webpage at We recommend you call and talk to a representative about your project directly.

FAQ for Common Electrical Problems in Pike Creek

Preventing problems and solving issues as they emerge is the safest and most efficient way to keep your home’s electrical system running properly. Don’t let problems go unresolved. It’s not safe and could cause costly damage to your home.

Why do I lose power when I turn certain appliances on?

If your home’s service panel hasn’t been upgraded in a while, there’s a chance it isn’t strong enough to handle the load.

Problems with individual circuits or the main panel can lead to breaker flips when you have too many things running at once. Plug the offending device into an outlet connected to a different circuit for short-term relief.

Why do my light bulbs burn out constantly?

There are a few reasons for this. You may be using the incorrect type or wattage of bulb for your lighting fixture. It’s also possible that something is wrong with a local circuit or the main connection in your home has gone bad.

Short circuitAre the sparks from my outlet dangerous?

They can represent a dangerous problem, although some sparking is normal. It’s okay for sparks to burst out of the outlet on occasion when you are plugging something in, but it shouldn’t happen every time. If the casing around the outlet is hot, immediately unplug everything from the outlets and give us a call.

My outlets/switches are really hot, is that bad?

Excessive heat could mean the insulation around the wiring has melted, which exposes your home to the risk of electrical fire. Some switches, including those that can “dim” lights, build up some heat during normal use. Most outlets and standard light switches should NOT get hot though.

Working with Us

Conductive Electric believes in honesty and efficiency. We work hard on every project we take on, so rest assured that you are getting quality electrical services when we are on the job.

Give us a call with any questions you have about the various services we provide in Pike Creek!