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Your home’s service panel is an electrical switchboard where all of the circuits in the structure meet.

It’s also where your home’s wiring connects to the power line from outside. It’s the center of your home’s electrical web, so it’s a critical part of your home’s electrical system.

If you’ve ever flipped a breaker or changed a fuse, then you know exactly where the panel is in your home.

An occasional overload isn’t all that rare. If a room loses power every time you turn the hair dryer on when someone is running the microwave oven, you know to just avoid that situation in the future.

However, if you find yourself running to the box to flip the breaker several times a week, upgrading the main panel might be the only permanent solution.

Many people wait far too long to upgrade the electrical panel in their home. It can be an expensive process and the residents may not even know that there’s a problem.

After all, it’s a lot more fun to spend your money on a big television, powerful computer or a new washing machine for the kitchen. All of these devices increase the load that your electrical system has to carry every day.

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An electrical service panel upgrade isn’t just about increasing performance so you don’t have to change fuses every few days.

Old and outdated panels are a significant hazard to you and your house. Decaying wiring causes personal injury if touched and can charge other nearby objects. A panel in poor condition is also a potential fire hazard.

In a way, the circuit panel is designed to break much like the bumper on your car. That’s why breakers flip and fuses burst.

Rather than allowing a certain circuit to draw more power than it can safely handle, the panel takes the blow to stop the energy.

With strong currents constantly flowing through the box, it’s only a matter of time before wires start burning out and the panel ceases to function.

When problems do arise, electrical panel replacement is usually the only viable solution.

Panels aren’t designed to be repaired. Once they break, it’s usually time for an upgrade.

Manufacturers of certain appliances may also recommend service panel upgrades to a 200 amp panel to support the new device, even if your current circuit board works fine.

Conductive Electric is here as your “go to” Delaware electrician to help when that inevitable moment arrives.

We examine the situation and recommend a course of action to get electricity flowing through your house once again.

It’s possible that a simple repair will save the day. Burn-outs in a wire outside the box and other types of minor damage can be fixed without replacing the panel.

If a service panel upgrade is needed, we evaluate your home’s main service panel needs taking into account your appliances, the number of occupants and other factors. Then we help you pick out a new panel that fits your budget and power requirements.

We are professionals with more than three decades of experience with circuit panel upgrade and installation, so you can count on us when your days get darker.

Service Panel Safety Tips

  • Electrical work is best left to the professionals. It’s dangerous to mess around with a main circuit panel due to the powerful currents housed inside the frame. Never attempt to service it yourself, contact a licensed electrician to come take a look instead.
  • Don’t use the service panel box as storage. Don’t put things on top of it or rest brooms handles up against it. Keep the wall and floor in the immediate area clear of clutter. This reduces the risk of fire and makes it easier to access the panel.
  • Keep water sources and containers at least 10 feet from the panel. Don’t store buckets holding water or wet mops nearby.
  • Don’t overload a circuit repeatedly. If activating an appliance blows the fuse or flips the breaker, move it to an outlet that runs on a different circuit. Make sure your family and other residents know not to plug it into that outlet.
  • Keep the panel latched shut. Don’t keep anything below it that would allow child to reach up and open it. Teach your kids that the panel is off-limits.

General Safety Tips

  • Staple appliance plugs in place if you plan on leaving them in that outlet long term. This prevents them from wiggling loose over time, which leaves the prongs exposed and can bend the thin metal connection.
  • Don’t run wires them under furniture or over the floor in a traveled area. Constant pressure can damage the wiring inside the cord or even break the rubber coating, which creates an electrical hazard. Likewise, don’t twist or bend wires at sharp angles.
  • Don’t touch the service panel or interact with outlets with wet hands. Dry them off with a towel and wait a few minutes for remaining moisture to evaporate.
  • Plug plastic space-holders into the easily accessible outlets if you have pets or young children. Kids like to explore, so there’s a risk they may stick a small metal object into an open outlet.

service panel upgrade in Delaware is usually required to fix a problem with your existing electrical panel.  Cash in the coupon to save $100 off of your next panel upgrade.

Coupon image to save on service panel upgrade in Delaware

Sometimes a circuit breaker might have overheated so as to cause the buss bar in a panel to become burned. The conductors between the meter and panel may become loose and burn out the main lugs.

This is especially common when aluminum conductors are involved. One of the most common causes for electrical upgrades is that the electrical panel is old and cannot carry the load of today’s electrical requirements.

At Conductive Electrical Contracting, our panel upgrades are just what they imply. We will upgrade your old, inefficient electrical panel to a new and improved electrical service panel, providing your home with the electrical power supply that it needs to efficiently run your appliances and technical devices. If you are in need of a circuit panel upgrade, call on our expert Delaware electrical contractor today.

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