Wilmington Service Panel Upgrade

bigstock_Electrical_Panel_in_New_Home_u_601399Conductive Electrical Contracting  is the first state’s go-to contractor for electrical panel replacement.

We provide excellent service thanks to over 30 years worth of experience throughout the Wilmington area for electrical projects. No residence is too small and no business is too large for us.

We are professionals with a license to fix all of the electrical problems plaguing your home or office.

Northern Delaware is a busy area. Wilmington residents have places to go and things to do whether it is day or night.

We know you don’t have time to unplug the fridge every time you want to use the microwave because your panel can’t handle the load. That’s why we are committed to keeping your homes and businesses powered up with the safe and effective electrical equipment that you need.

Not every building has the same power requirements. Luckily, our experience and knowledge helps us determine how much flow your main service panel needs to be able to control. That way we can upgrade or complete an electrical panel installation that has the proper specifications without any issues.

With our help, you won’t need to know the difference between 100 and 200 amp panels or the comprehensive definition of a volt or watt. We are glad to help you understand if you want though!

Reasons for Making a Circuit Panel Upgrade

1. p_SCW_256_02The current panel is broken: Service panel replacement is often the only viable fix for a broken panel. If the internal wiring in the box has burned out or other parts of the system are damaged, repairing it is usually not possible. If there’s no way to make repairs, we’ll install a new panel for you according to your home’s needs.

2. Frequent power shortage: Even if your panel is in good shape, it might just be out of date. Most people don’t make service panel upgrades on a regular basis, so it’s possible for a decade or two to go by before it’s changed. Technology moves a lot faster though. New appliances, computers and other devices require lots of power that older panels just can’t handle.

3. Changing location: Restructuring your home may require you to make changes to your panel or move it to a new location entirely. If your budget allows it, you should consider taking the opportunity to make a service panel upgrade if the one you have is getting old.

Electrical Service Panel Upgrade Legal Information

building-permit2Licensing is about safety. Unless you’ve passed all of the qualifications that the state of Delaware enforces for the registration of professional electricians, it’s against the law for you to install or replace a panel. Do-it-yourself maintenance is incredibly dangerous if you don’t have the skills, knowledge and tools to do the job right.

Before a licensed contractor can start upgrading your main panel, you may have to get a work permit from the city of Wilmington depending on the project being done.

You must complete the permit process and display the physical copy before a contractor can start working.

When the installation is completed, a city inspector will examine the panel and surrounding area to make sure it fits all of the city and state regulations.

Please contact a Delaware Electrician if you want to discuss a service panel upgrade for your home. Feel free to call us at 302-659-5000 or read what other customers have said about our services!